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Leave of Absence Requests 2017-18

Teachers currently benefitting from a LOA will receive a letter from HR asking if you are requesting another leave of absence or returning full-time to work in 2018-19.  The form to request a leave of absence without salary for next year will be available on the SWL Portal and the LTU website by March 1st.  This year, the forms are to be sent to mgirard@swlauriersb.qc.ca by email only.  This is a better system because you will have a copy of the email in your sent items with a date and time stamp.  The deadline to submit a request is March 31st.  For more information on the nature, duration, terms and conditions of leaves of absence without salary as well as inherent rights and obligations excluding leaves provided for under Union prerogatives, parental rights and leaves for public office, you can consult your local collective agreement under clause 5-15.00.   

Oversize Class Compensation

Twice every year, a teacher whose class exceeds the maximum prescribed is entitled to a monetary compensation.  The first payment was made on the pay of February 8th, 2018.  For teachers working in the Vocational sector, payments will be made on February 22nd, 2018.

Coded students with a 50, 53, or 14 are always weighted even if the teacher or the student receives services in the class.  All other codes are only weighted if the student or teacher does not receive any services (attendant time, assistive technology, etc.).  The teachers entitled to compensation should have been asked by the principal to sign a form which is sent to HR to be processed.

If you believe an error has been made or you believe you are entitled to compensation and were not asked to sign a form and did not receive a payment on February 8th or February 22nd (Vocational), bring it to the attention of your principal right away. Your school simply needs to submit a correction to Mr. Badin in HR.

If you are unable to resolve the issue at the school level or are unsure of your calculations, please email LTU (slandry@ltu.ca) and include in your email an accurate class list with codes and indicate if the students receive any services or extra help as a result of their coding so we can assist you.  Please advise us by April 1st.

Seniority List for Full-Time Teachers (E1s)

The seniority list for all full-time teachers (E1s) should have been posted in the school as of January 31st, 2018.  In addition, all E1 teachers should have received an e-mail informing teachers that the seniority list for full-time teachers is posted on the Portal of the SWLSB. Please make sure you verify that your name appears on the list and if not, email  fbadin@swlauriersb.qc.ca. You can also cc sethier@ltu.ca if you need assistance.


Local Negotiations

Special General Meetings will be held in the Laurentians, Lanaudière, and Laval regions. At these meetings, LTU will explain the newly negotiated Local Collective Agreement and teachers will vote to accept the Local Collective Agreement.  These meetings will be held on Monday, March 12th at Joliette High School, Wednesday, March 14th at Laval Junior Academy and Wednesday, March 21st at Laurentia Elementary School in St-Jérôme.   


You will be receiving an email from Kathy Morrow with dates and times of these meetings.  Don’t forget to come and vote – YOU ARE THE UNION!

Staffing Timeline – Some Important Dates

By April 15th Declaration of Potential Excess 5-21.17 Local Agreement
Before April 30th Declaration of Excess at Board level 5-3.10 and 5-3.11 Provincial Agreement
May 2nd Posting of needs for Excess Meeting 5-21.20(a) Local Agreement
May 8th Reassignment Meeting for Excess Teachers 5-21.20 (b) and 5-21.21 Local Agreement
May 15th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 – Posting of needs 5-21.27 Local Agreement
By May 18th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 – Application to HR 5-21.27 Local Agreement
May 25th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 –

Decision by HR

5-21.27 Local Agreement
By June 1st Deadline to submit a joint written request to HR if 2 SWL teachers wish to exchange posts             5-21.29 Local Agreement
May 30th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Posting of needs 5-21.17 Local Agreement
June 5th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Deadline to send registration form to HR        5-21.17 Local Agreement
June 6th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Meeting at SWL Board Office                             5-21.17 Local Agreement
Voluntary Transfers Round 2 –Schools informed of decision        5-21.17 Local Agreement



Stephanie McLellan: President






Serge Landry: Director of Pedagogical Affairs



Kathy Morrow: Administrative Assistant



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


450-667-7037 / 1-800-301-1351 / FAX 450-667-9506

email: laurierteachersunion@ltu.ca

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