Vol. 18, No 2 January 2017

Happy New Year!!

From all of us at LTU, wishing you good health, happiness, and success in the coming year.

January Pay

With the beginning of 2017, you may notice a reduction in your net pay due to the fact that some deductions are reactivated with the start of the new calendar year.  Depending on your salary, when you reach the maximum deductible for QPP, EI and QPIP, the amounts taken for these programmes cease, therefore your net pay increases. In January of every year, as we begin a new taxation year, all deductions are reinstated on your pay until the maximums are reached.  This is why you may notice a decrease in the net amount.


Substitution for an Undetermined Period of Time

If an absence of a teacher is not predetermined to be 40 days, a contract will not be issued. After 20 days of replacing the same person without missing more than 3 scheduled workdays, the substitute teacher is entitled to be paid retroactively to the first day worked to his/her scale based on schooling and previous experience. After 40 days of replacing the same person without missing more than 3 scheduled workdays, the substitute will be entitled to a contract retroactive to the first day worked. It is important to remember that the issuing of a contract is based on the official paperwork the employee sends to HR. The information floating around the schools might not always be accurate so it is best to check with LTU or HR directly about the status of your replacement.


Act of God

For an event to be deemed an Act of God it must be “sudden, unforeseeable, inevitable, thus making it impossible for a normal and reasonable person to meet his/her obligation to be at work.” A teacher must support the absence with proper documentation or a written statement (on the absence report or sent separately via email to HR) that explains the reason why it was impossible to report to work due to a sudden and unavoidable event. HR will ultimately determine, according the definition mentioned above, if the reason is valid. Please be aware that the board looks very closely at each absence where the Act of God clause is invoked. The days should be taken in full days, but the half day option can be used for impassable roads, mechanical failure, collision or transit system delays. Each case is looked at individually.


Excess Class Compensation

Twice every year, at the end of January and on the last pay in June, the board pays teachers for the excess students in their classes. Coded students with a 50, 53 or 14 are always weighted even if the teacher or the student receives services in the class. All other codes are only weighted, if the student or teacher does not receive any services (attendant time, assistive technology, etc.). The teachers entitled to compensation will be asked by the principal to sign a form.  If you believe there is an error on the form or you believe you are entitled to compensation and were not asked to sign a form, bring it to the attention of your principal. Your school simply needs to submit a correction to Mr. Badin in HR. If you are unable to resolve the issue at the school level or are unsure of your calculations, feel free to call LTU and we will assist you.


Leaves for Family responsibilities

In accordance with clause 5-14.06 leaves for family responsibilities that is part of the provincial agreement, a teacher may be absent from work, without salary, for 10 days per year to carry out obligations relating to the care, health or education of his or her child or of his or her spouse’s child or because of the state of health of his or her spouse, father, mother, brother, sister or one of his or her grandparents.


The leave may be divided into days.  The days used for absences shall be deducted from the teacher’s annual bank of sick leave days up to a maximum of 6 days.  The leaves can be deducted by the minute the same way deductions are made when using a sick leave.


Teachers are responsible for verifying the number of minutes that are indicated on the absence form.  If the number of minutes indicated is inaccurate, you have the right to change it before signing and submitting your form.  We strongly suggest you make a copy of your absence reports and keep a record of them.


New Provincial Collective Agreements

Go to website and download in either French or English:



Changes in the office

We would like to inform you that Pasquale Machado will be leaving us as she is moving on to new challenges.  She will be working with PTU (Pearson Teachers Union). We would like to wish her all the best in her new venture as well as thank her for her dedication and hard work through out her years of service at LTU.  We will miss her greatly!


On a positive note, we would like to welcome Serge Landry who will be our interim Director of Pedagogical Affairs for the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year.


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Stephanie McLellan: President






Serge Landry: Director of Pedagogical Affairs



Kathy Morrow: Administrative Assistant



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


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email: laurierteachersunion@ltu.ca


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