Vol. 17, No 2 March 2016

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I hope you all had a fabulous March Break!! Summer vacation is just around the corner!
Leave of Absence Requests 2016-17
Teachers currently benefitting from a LOA will receive a letter from HR asking if you are
requesting another leave of absence or returning full-time to work in 2016-17. The form to
request a leave of absence without pay for next year has been uploaded to the SWL Portal and
the LTU website. This year, the forms are to be sent to jallard@swlauriersb.qc.ca by email only.
This is a better system because you will have a copy of the email in your sent items with a date
and time stamp. The deadline to submit is March 31st

Act of God
For an event to be deemed an Act of God it must be “sudden, unforeseeable, inevitable, thus
making it impossible for a normal and reasonable person to meet his/her obligation to be at
work.” A teacher must support the absence with proper documentation or a written statement
(on the absence report or sent separately via email to HR) that explains the reason why it was
impossible to report to work due to a sudden and unavoidable event. HR will ultimately
determine, according the definition mentioned above, if the reason is valid. Please be aware
that the board looks very closely at each absence where the Act of God clause is invoked. The
days should be taken in full days, but the half day option can be used for impassable roads,
mechanical failure, collision or transit system delays. Each case is looked at individually.
Social Leave 5-14.02 m) – Dental Appointment
The board has advised schools that the day for dental appointments can be used in half days as
of January 2016.
Oversize Class Compensation
Twice every year, the board pays teachers for the excess students in their classes. The first
payment was made on the pay of February 11th, 2016.
Coded students with a 50, 53, 12 or 14 are always weighted even if the teacher or the student
receives services in the class. All other codes are only weighted, if the student or teacher does
not receive any services (attendant time, assistive technology, etc.). The teachers entitled to
compensation should have been asked by the principal to sign a form which is sent to HR to be
If you believe an error has been made or you believe you are entitled to compensation and were
not asked to sign a form and did not receive a payment on February 11th, bring it to the

attention of your principal right away. Your school simply needs to submit a correction to Mr.
Badin in HR.
If you are unable to resolve the issue at the school level or are unsure of your calculations,
please email LTU (smclellan@ltu.ca) and include in your email an accurate class list with codes
and indicate if the students receive any services or extra help as a result of their coding so we
can assist you. Please advise us by April 1st
Seniority List for Full-Time Teachers (E1s)
The seniority list for all full-time teachers (E1s) should have been posted in the school on
January 21st. Please make sure you verify that your name appears on the list and if not, email
cphaneuf@swlauriersb.qc.ca and cc fbadin@swlauriersb.qc.ca. You can also cc smclellan@ltu.ca
if you need assistance.
Staffing Timeline – Some Important Dates
By April 15th Declaration of Potential Excess
Before April 30th Declaration of Excess at Board level
May 2nd Posting of needs for Excess Meeting
May 5th Reassignment Meeting for Excess Teachers
May 13th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 – Posting of needs
By May 18th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 – Application to HR
May 25th Voluntary Transfers Round 1 – Decision by HR
By June 1st Deadline to submit a joint written request to HR if 2 SWL teachers wish

to exchange posts

May 27th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Deadline to send registration form to HR
June 1st Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Posting of needs
June 4th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 – Meeting at SWL Board Office
June 8th Voluntary Transfers Round 2 –Schools informed of decision

Sébastien Joly: PRESIDENT





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EMAIL: laurierteachersunion@ltu.ca

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