Updates From The President

August 25, 2020

Dear teachers,

I hope you were able to disconnect and enjoy your summer. It is sure to be a very challenging and unusual year and it is very important for us to all work together to ensure that teachers’ working conditions are as safe as possible. We share your anxiety and concern and are also frustrated with the lack of information and answers. LTU is working with QPAT and the SWLSB to ensure that proper safety measures are in place in your school or centre. Thankfully, we were able to gain some experience when eight (8) schools re-opened last school year.

The latest information from the Ministry of Education and the SWLSB regarding school re-opening can be found here1 and more information can also be found in the SWLSB Portal2.

Exemptions for teachers with specific medical conditions and those 70+ years old:

We have a general sense as to how the exemptions are being applied at SWLSB, but still have some details to clarify. In addition to our meeting scheduled with the Directorate next week, we have requested a Health and Safety meeting as soon as possible with HR and the other associations of employee groups to review all the parameters set by SWLSB and the Government.

The following information regarding the criteria from Santé Publique for exemptions from working in a school was sent to school boards from the Ministry. The criteria can be found as item 51 of this document3 (currently in French only).

Requests with medical documentation should be completed as per the information on the school board’s portal4.


Face masks/coverings

The rules regarding the wearing of face coverings vary according to grade level, sector (Youth, Adult and Vocational) and activity. This link clearly outlines the rules5.

We share the concern expressed by many members regarding the rules for face coverings and QPAT continues to push for mandatory masks when social distancing is not possible. At your staff meetings this week and through your Teacher Councils, it is crucial that guidelines and recommendations are discussed and to encourage the wearing of face coverings, as much as possible, in all areas of the school.

QPAT and LTU have been seeking clarity from the Government and the SWLSB on many other pressing issues. Despite Minister Roberge having announced on August 10 the “plan” to return to schools and centres, the details of how schools will implement it have been very slow to come out. QPAT is starting to get answers at the provincial level, and they have also raised many of the other concerns about safety, ventilation and the reality of the classroom itself. Meetings have taken place through QPAT with our anglophone education partners, the CSQ, the Labour Minister, the Director of Public Health, and Dr. Arruda. QPAT is also sending a letter to Dr. Arruda and Minister Roberge outlining our major concerns.

Much work remains to be done in the days to come, and I hope that your administrators are soon able to answer the important questions about what the return will look like at your school or centre. We will continue to push to ensure that you have the safest working conditions and to hold the employer accountable.

As new information from the MEES becomes available, it will be posted on the COVID-19 section of the QPAT website6.

Any information that pertains to SWLSB specifically, will be shared by the school board or by LTU through email.

I wish you all a successful and safe return this week.

Stephanie McLellan

LTU President


Direct Links

  1. https://www.quebec.ca/en/health/health-issues/a-z/2019-coronavirus/answers-questions-coronavirus-covid19/questions-answers-education-families-covid-19/#c62915
  2. https://swlsb.sharepoint.com/sites/Portal/SitePages/COVID-19-FAQ.aspx
  3. http://lafse.org/fileadmin/Grands_dossiers/COVID/QR_rentree.pdf
  4. https://swlsb.sharepoint.com/sites/Portal/SitePages/HR-Information.aspx
  5. https://cdn-contenu.quebec.ca/cdn-contenu/adm/min/education/publications-adm/covid-19/affichette-port-du-masque-en.pdf?1597860229
  6. https://qpat-apeq.qc.ca/covid-19-information-from-mees-and-other-ministries/

April 11, 2020



Dear members,

I hope you are doing well.

We are aware that two situations on Friday received a lot of media coverage and caused many teachers to ask questions and share their concerns. We understand that you are worried, and we guarantee you that your needs and rights are very much top of mind.

First, it is important to clarify that M Legault’s comment about the possibility of schools reopening before May was only one of many possible scenarios. He apologized in today’s press conference for his remark and reinforced that only upon recommendation by la Direction de santé publique would schools reopen.

Secondly, a ministerial decree was adopted by the government which would allow personnel in education to be reassigned to help in the health sector if needed. The SWLSB shared it with all staff today by email. As was the case with the first decree a few weeks ago, this accentuated many people’s worries and uncertainty, especially for those with medical concerns and challenging personal situations.

I am reaching out to you today to assure you that we are working hard on your behalf to get you answers and clarity. Discussions are happening between all partners at all levels and will continue in the days to come.

There is no use speculating or panicking about what could happen. The school board has assured us that they will continue to collaborate with the unions as things develop. We have not received any official directive at this point. QPAT is keeping us informed and we meet regularly several times per week. You will be kept informed as accurate information and reliable answers become available.

We thank you for your patience and please remember that we are all in this together!

In solidarity,

Stephanie McLellan


Ça Va Bien Aller 

April 5, 2020



Dear delegates,

We know that the past three weeks have posed different challenges for each of you and we hope you are all doing well. The four of us are healthy and have been adapting to working remotely. We have been racing to keep up with the flow of information and all the questions that come with each press conference and update since this began on March 13.


On March 16, teachers were directed to stay home and wait for further instruction from the school board and things remained the same until April 1. Teachers were informed that they could start touching base with their students. On Wednesday, the school board sent a letter to parents/guardians wherein they reinforced that teachers were not expected to give lessons or assign and correct work, but to provide pedagogical support. Consideration for staff who could be facing challenging personal situations was highlighted.

At the same time, Update no. 12 was also sent asking staff members and school teams to conduct weekly check-ins to see how students were doing, prioritizing vulnerable ones. QPAT and the local unions had many questions and asked the ministry and school boards for clarity regarding cyber-safety, access and use of technology, the implementation at high school, the need for flexibility and understanding, etc.

Although some questions remain, on April 2, the SWLSB shared these tips with schools:

  • Useusual means of communication with students/parents (work email, google classroom, class dojo, phone );
  • Use *67 to block your number, avoid using your personal email address, be cybersafe/vigilant
  • Means being used must not incur any cost;
  • Begin with a general email to the entire class just saying « hi » and explain meansof communication to get started;
  • Encourage students to visit SWLSB website for « backpack »and to visit the MEES website;
  • The objective of the communication with students is to consolidate and maintain the acquired competencies before the closure;
  • The idea is mainly to touch base and answer pedagogical questions students (especially vulnerable students) may have, on a weekly basis;
  • Try prioritizing students that already required additional help/resources before the closure;
  • In case of any doubt/ questions, contact the principal.

Later on Thursday, April 2, the MEES sent out new directives regarding customizable pedagogical kits to be reviewed between Thursday and Sunday and sent to students by their teachers on Monday. This also raised many concerns at LTU and QPAT such as the timing of the request, the last-minute implementation on a weekend, the lack of material and translation of directives in English, as well as the generality of the directives. You can find more information from QPAT in their latest video and in the Summary of MEES Directives and Recommendations for Teachers.

On Friday, April 3, we started receiving questions from schools just before noon about being called to emergency staff meetings. We contacted the school board and were informed that they must comply immediately with the new ministry directive and confirmed that school principals would be calling staff meetings that afternoon.

Later that night, Update no. 13 was sent and further clarity was included in an attachment from Human Resources (Supporting Students During the School Closure Expectations of School Teams as Defined by the MEES Personalized Support to Students). It underlined that teachers will communicate with students on a weekly basis by the means of communication of their choice and could voluntarily customize the pedagogical kits or voluntarily add activities before forwarding them to their groups. We know that you could still have many questions. Should you have questions about the expectations, please ask your school principal. If they are unable to answer or you wish to verify information with us, send us an email in the office.

When a new directive is announced by the ministry, the education world must adapt each time with little notice. Facebook and the QPAT application are the quickest ways to stay informed about major changes. We will supplement any new (verified and accurate) information if not received from the principal or the school board and that cannot be found on the QPAT website. Broader updates to the membership will continue as needed.


For more information, you can refer to the latest updates to the Q&A from the MEES. Please note that the document is updated by the ministry as needed and will also be posted on the QPAT COVID-19 section of their website when it becomes available. English versions will be posted as soon as they are received. With the help of QPAT and in collaboration with the school board, we will be reviewing any changes pertaining to teachers’ rights or working conditions. QPAT also recently posted a position on Distance/Online Learning During the COVID-19 Outbreak and Challenges and Recommendations Related to Distance Education Support for Students with Special Needs in Quebec’s English Public Sector.


As for us, rest assured that the LTU “office” is operating smoothly and has transitioned quite well into the virtual world. We have regular staff and Executive meetings and receive steady updates from the school board as well as QPAT. School boards have been advised to move forward with all staffing timelines and our LRC and regular staffing meetings with the board are scheduled for next week. There will be more news about the excess meeting as we approach May. Also, please note that our new recall clause has been ratified by all parties as of March 31, 2020. We thank everyone for their collaboration and hard work in that endeavour.

We successfully held our first video information sessions with the LTU Board of Directors on Friday and are planning our next meeting soon. We have yet to make any decisions regarding the LTU elections or the AGM. More information to come as we approach the May 4th potential return date. We are also looking into holding an online meeting with you. We still have some details to work out and we will update you as soon as possible.

As for decisions for next year, school boards have been advised to continue planning for September. This means that TC and the teachers have the right to be consulted on matters in 4-206 as well as 4-7.00 of the local. The school board and LTU did agree to recommendations for consultation in the school and all parties recognize that there is a value to collaboration and consultation which is reflected in the document. Obviously, this will require some procedural changes, but it is in your best interest to collaborate rather than give administration carte blanche and live with the decisions next year. Should you be unable to participate, there should be no reprisals. I have attached the document that was shared with schools. From what we have gathered from many schools, TCs are figuring out ways to have their say and to plan for a new year. Please make sure this information gets into your TC chair’s hands.


Finally, we understand that teachers are happy and excited to reconnect with students and colleagues, just as we are happy to reconnect with you. It will take a collective effort to respond to this pandemic, but there is no need to rush to overwork, to overdo it or to overwhelm yourself. Take the time to ask your questions. Share expertise among colleagues, cycles and schools. Challenges will arise along the way and solutions will be found – we are educators and that is one of our superpowers.

As we collectively learn to cope and find our bearings in this crisis, compromise and flexibility will be required. QPAT informed us late yesterday that the ministry confirmed that some flexibility on the deadline is possible for this week considering the kits arrived on Friday; SWLSB has yet to confirm that they have received the same message. Please contact your principal should you require flexibility due to your personal situation. It is important to contact us should you have concerns about your work or communications with administration. It is also important to remember that we are all in this together!

Thank you for all that you do for your students and colleagues and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay healthy. Stay home. Ça va bien aller.

Stephanie McLellan


March 21, 2020




Dear members,

As I sit in front of my computer a little over a week after this all began, I cannot believe the amount of information that has been thrown at us. The media is certainly not helping to stave off the panic and we can just imagine how teachers are feeling at home watching all this happen on the news. We want to ensure that we are committed to bringing you the accurate and pertinent information as it pertains to LTU members. This takes time and we assure you that we are doing our utmost to keep you updated.

To help, please find below links to information from various sources that LTU members can use:


March 11 

March 12

March 14 

March 15

March 17 

March 19

SWLSB Q&A About Remuneration

Letters to Parents


QPAT has created a COVID-19 section on their site which will be updated regularly. Stop in daily to for the latest updates.

You can also find links to the Quebec government site as well as to media.



Starling Minds is adding five new sessions in the Mental Fitness course to help people with stress, anxiety, and worry related to COVID-19. They are working round the clock to develop this new content and will include it in their existing courses as soon as possible in the coming days.

It will be part of your Mental Fitness program for anyone who logs in.

The New Sessions will:
• Help you understand how the uncertainty and disruption increases your stress and anxiety
• Assist you in setting boundaries around how to manage the stream of COVID-19 information
• Train you to set healthy goals to keep your lives on track during this pandemic
• Teach you strategies to manage your COVID-19 anxiety and worrisome thoughts
• Connect you to our community so you can stay socially connected, share your experiences, and learn from others

These additional sessions will arm you with the resilience you need to keep your professional and personal lives on track during this time.

For Teachers, to register:

• Go to https://app.starlingminds.com/registration/qpat
• Fill in the Access Code: QPAT-APEQ Industrial Alliance number


Together we will #CrushTheCurve.

Stay strong. Stay home. Save lives.


Be healthy and safe!

Stephanie McLellan

March 19, 2020




Dear members,

I hope you are all doing well. This past week has been one for the books. Things have  developed daily, if not hourly, since the school boards made the decision to close for one day last week to put in place preventive measures. The situation quickly evolved over the weekend and by Monday all schools were closed by the government until March 27. There is a series of events which happens each time the government’s directives change: the SWLSB receives a directive from the ministry and must determine its implementation; a conference call with LTU and the other local Associations is organised by the SWLSB where information is shared and exchanged about the implementation of the directive as well as what will be sent to employees; the school board sends its employees a memo. Our school board has been keeping us informed promptly and regularly as things evolve and another memo will be sent by the school board shortly.

As of late yesterday, information began circulating in the media about the decree made by the government applying to all public sector collective agreements. We are in communication with the SWLSB and will be meeting with QPAT today to understand its potential impact on teachers. The SWLSB informed us that the decree is not being applied to teachers at this time and the directive to remain at home is in effect until March 27. The school board will be issuing a memo to all employees shortly.

We will continue to share updates and pertinent information regularly on our website, Facebook page and by email. QPAT has created a space on their website regarding COVID-19 containing different sources of accurate information pertaining to teachers.

We have received many questions from teachers, particularly substitute and hourly paid teachers, about pay during the 2-week closure. A memo will also be sent by the school board to employees shortly. Here are the answers we have right now:

• Teachers should be paid during the period of time that schools and centres are closed, according to their planned work schedule, as established before the announcement of the closure.
• Substitute teachers, hourly paid teachers and teachers by the lesson whose assignments were already confirmed before the announcement of the closure should be paid according to their planned work schedule.
• Teachers who were already scheduled to be absent before the announcement of the closure should be paid according to the nature of their absence, as the case may be (e.g. vacation days, medical appointment). Absences should be recorded as approved.
• Teachers will continue to accumulate benefits, as if they had been at work. These days are treated as workdays.

Thank you for your patience and rest assured that we are working with the school board and QPAT to ensure that your rights are respected and you have the most recent and accurate information. Should you have any questions, please contact me (smclellan@ltu.ca).

Stay safe. Stay home. Save lives.

All the best,

Stephanie McLellan

March 16, 2020




Dear members,

As you are aware, the COVID-19 situation has caused all SWLSB schools and Centres to close for the next two weeks. This is the latest directive sent out to all employees of the SWLSB:

During this fluid situation, it is important to check your email regularly for future updates as they come.

The LTU office will be working remotely for the next two weeks so the best way to reach us is through email:

Stephanie McLellan: smclellan@ltu.ca

Stephan Ethier: sethier@ltu.ca

Serge Landry: slandry@ltu.ca

Loretta Gifuni: loretta@ltu.ca

We realize that there are many questions that you may have and we will do our best in the coming days to answer those questions and disseminate the correct information to you. The quickest way to stay up-to-date is to follow us on our Facebook page.

As of now, we can confirm that:

  • TEACHERS do not have to work from home or remain in contact with students and parents. You must simply remain vigilant by verifying your emails for further directives from the school board. Signing up for Communicate SMS messages is a great way to know when a message has been sent by the school board.
  • ALL MEETINGS with the school board, LTU and QPAT involving the participation of teachers have been postponed. I remain available for emergency QPAT Executive Committee meetings and any emergency meetings called by the school board.
  • a PIC memo will be sent out shortly to clarify the impacts on any booked or planned professional development activities. All PIC questions can be addressed to slandry@ltu.ca .
  • If you have any concerns or issues with your pay, please email sethier@ltu.ca .
  • Deadlines to receive nominations for both the QPAT and LTU elections will be extended. More information to come.

During the coming weeks, it is crucial that we follow the public health directives in order to mitigate as best we can the effects of the virus. You can find these directives and other information about COVID-19 here:


Together we will get through this difficult situation. The LTU team is wishing you all a mentally and physically safe few weeks.

Stay home. Save lives.


All the best,

Stephanie McLellan


February 26, 2020

This Friday, February 28, the CTF/FCE is leading a National Day of Action.

In addition to the #RedForEd/#EnsemblePourAgir social media events, there is an urgent need to highlight the importance of publicly funded public education in Canada and the threats facing it from coast to coast to coast.
Check out this video for more information:
Let’s show our solidarity by wearing our black shirts Thursday to support negotiations and a red shirt on Friday in support of this national action! 
Send us photos of your colleagues in action.

February 14, 2020



We are holding Special General Meetings next week to vote on the proposed changes to the recall process (5-1.17). The notice and agenda was emailed to all teachers.

February 17 – Joliette High School Cafeteria

February 18 – Laval Junior Academy – Library

February 20 – Laurentian Regional High School – room 111

Please note that the meeting will begin at 5PM sharp. All the information regarding the change will be provided to you at the meeting. You can attend the meeting of your choice and please do not forget to bring ID.




We have been receiving many calls and emails about Bill 40. QPAT is currently working on a summary document which will be sent to all teachers as soon as possible.



An email was sent to all teachers to day with information regarding the upcoming QPAT elections for seats on the Executive Committee. I intend on running again for a Member-at-Large position.

January 20, 2020



After two rounds of postings, we welcomed Kimberly Stanbra as the Director of Laurentians High School to our Board of Directors.


Since November, we have been discussing the renegotiation of the recall clause with the school board, most notably, holding only one meeting in August. We struck a sub-committee and met with the school board on November 13th. We recently surveyed the recall teachers and 94.6% of the respondents (111 total respondents) are in favour of one meeting in August with the possibility of it being held over 2 days. Based on the survey, we have decided to hold Special General Meetings (SGM) in the month of February so the membership can vote on the change. You should receive an email shortly with more information regarding the SGMs.



A study found that of the 40% of people who make New Years’ Resolutions, only 8% follow through on them. Why does this happen? Here are some themes that Starling Members shared to provide some insights on goal-setting tendencies that may lead to failure:

  • Taking on too much at once
  • Having unrealistic expectations 
  • Goals made based on ideal levels of functioning

Do you know how to set realistic goals for yourself? Check out Starling’s goal setting sessions to help you get started:

  1. Starling Goal Setter
  2. Starling Goal History

“I’ve learned that I need to reduce my expectations of myself. I often set goals that are too lofty and feel really frustrated when I don’t achieve them. I need to break down my goals instead of creating a giant list of things that are impossible to achieve.” – Starling Member

How do I get started?

If you already have an account, just log in here: https://app.starlingminds.com/

If you would like to register, visit: https://app.starlingminds.com/registration/QPAT

If you would like to refer a family member, visit https://app.starlingminds.com/focus/#/referral/family/create


Une étude révèle que parmi les 40 % de personnes qui prennent des résolutions pour la nouvelle année, seulement 8 % d’entre elles les respectent. Pourquoi en est-il ainsi? Voici certains points énoncés par des membres de Starling pour comprendre les tendances associées à l’établissement d’objectifs qui peuvent mener à l’échec :

  • En prendre trop sur ses épaules
  • Avoir des attentes irréalistes 
  • Établir des objectifs en fonction d’une situation idéale

Savez-vous comment vous fixer des objectifs réalistes? Découvrez les séances Starling sur l’établissement d’objectifs pour vous aider à y parvenir :

  1. Outil d’établissement d’objectifs Starling
  2. Historique des objectifs Starling

« J’ai appris que je devais diminuer mes attentes à mon égard. Je me fixe souvent des objectifs trop ambitieux et ressens beaucoup de frustration lorsque je ne les atteins pas. Je dois décomposer mes objectifs plutôt que d’élaborer une très longue liste de choses impossibles à réaliser. » – Membre de Starling

Par où commencer?

Si vous avez déjà un compte, ouvrez une session ici : https://app.starlingminds.com/

Si vous désirez vous inscrire, allez à : https://app.starlingminds.com/registration/QPAT?language=fr

Pour inviter un membre de votre famille, rendez-vous à :https://app.starlingminds.com/focus/#/referral/family/create



Let’s go LTU! It’s time to share our expertise.

Follow this link for more information about giving a workshop at the next Convention:





As you are aware, provincial negotiations have begun! QPAT has created a section on their website so you can stay up-to-date as things develop:



You can also access the information via the Homepage of LTU website:



We did our first commando demo last week at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board on January 15th, 2020. Thanks you to all those who made it out.

Thank you to all the teachers who have been wearing their t-shirts and sending us pictures to share on social media. Keep them coming!!! YOU ARE THE UNION!!

November 15, 2019


It’s Digital Health Week! What are some ways technology has positively impacted healthcare?

Online communities are powerful places where people can share their experiences, feel hopeful and reassured, and combat the stigma around mental health. As Starling Members share their mental health journeys anonymously, it’s easy to see that they are not alone.

“I think it’s great that the program being offered is online, as I can access it in the comfort of my own home. There is a Community in Starling and I feel less alone on my journey.” – Starling Member

 “I would like to share my experiences with other teachers and members of this program as I think it helps to be part of a community.” – Starling Member

This month, we challenge you to log in and leave a comment or respond to someone else’s. These little gestures show that there is someone out there rooting for them on their journey.

Want to leave a comment?

If you already have an account, log in here: https://app.starlingminds.com/

If you would like to register, visit: https://app.starlingminds.com/registration/qpat

September 24, 2019



A clarification email will be sent out within the next week to all teachers. We have been discussing the application of the new change with regards to RNA with the school board as well as the application of passing time. We will be sending out the revised workload documents and we will update the website shortly. We will also be informing the school delegates at the Delegate Conference this weekend. If you have any questions, just email us or give us a call in the office.


Thank you to everyone who submitted their name to sit on the various LTU committees. The letters were emailed to the teachers concerned and the website has been updated with the new committee members. Welcome to all of you and congratulations on your appointments.


We are happy to welcome Cecile Padadac back as Sector Director acclaimed to the Adult and Vocational Education sector.  The email was sent to all teachers by the Nominations Committee last week.

The Laurentian High Schools sector is still vacant. As per the LTU Handbook of Policies and Procedures, we will open a second round of nominations this week and aan email will be sent to all teachers in that sector. Please read the information carefully as there are strict deadlines and rules to respect for the nomination process.





Starling Minds is a service provided by QPAT for all of its members. Mental Health in the workplace is a big concern which impacts many teachers. Please follow this link to access the QPAT sign-in page to assess your mental fitness. They have some interesting challenges and many members have found this to be a very useful tool:


Also, here is an interesting blog post about Why We Don’t Talk About Mental Health at Work:




Registration for pre-convention is now open. Follow these links to register:





September 3, 2019

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a wonderful first day back with the students. As usual, should you have any questions, if you wish for us to visit your school or you simply want to run something by us, feel free to contact us by email or directly in the LTU office. All our contact info can be found under “Contact” on our web page. We encourage you to check out the information we have available on the web page and we update documents as needed. We wish you success and all the best for the 2019-20 school year.




All TC documents and the PowerPoint presentation have been updated as of today on the website.



The email to apply for the various LTU committees was sent today to all teachers. The deadline to apply is September 13th.




All delegates have received the 2019 Delegate Conference information which will be held at Manoir Saint-Sauveur on September 28-29. Please respond ASAP as we have to confirm with the hotel. It is very important to attend or to delegate another member of staff (preferably the TC Chair) as many presentations will be given on various issues which impact the teachers on a daily basis. The QPAT staff, LTU staff and a representative from Starling Minds will be presenting the various workshops which differ from the ones from the conference 2 years ago. Please get back to Loretta ASAP.




A workshop for new teachers will be held on Friday, September 27th at 1PM at the Manoir Saint-Sauveur (lunch will be available as of noon). The information was sent to all teacherS by Loretta last week. We have 50 spots available on a first come, first served basis. PIC has agreed to cover the release. Priority will be given to E1s hired in the last 5 years, then Recall teachers hired in the past 5 years. If you do not fit that criteria and wish to attend, please inform Loretta (loretta@ltu.ca) and your name will be added to  waiting list. We will confirm your attendance on September 20th. We look forward to seeing you there!




All the information regarding our upcoming election for 2 vacant Board of Directors positions (Laurentian High Schools and Adult/Vocational Education) were emailed last week. Please read the information carefully as there are strict deadlines to respect for the nomination process.




The new Harassment Policy is in effect as of July 1, 2019. You can find it on the school board website and we strongly encourage you to take a look.





Please check your board email to access the survey for intersectorial negotiations. Your answers will be brought back to QPAt and will inform the negotiating team as to how to proceed. Your input is valuable and the survey only takes a few minutes to complete. Thank you to everyone who has already responded.




An email will be sent to you shortly regarding the model and size of t-shirt you require for actions during negotiations. Solidarity is key to our success so please take the few minutes to respond. For those who do not, we will select a random size based on the sampling from the respondents which will be sent directly to you school sometime in October.




May 30, 2019

AGM Report of the President



As another school year comes to an end, it is hard to believe that I have had the privilege of working at the Laurier Teachers’ Union for the past 9 years and representing the LTU membership as President for the past three (3) years. Stephan Ethier, Director of Membership Welfare, and Serge Landry, Director of Pedagogical Affairs, continue to work hard to represent you at the various tables at both the local and provincial levels.


There were many changes at the school board again this year. Most notably, Gaëlle Absolonne returned to the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB) as Director General effective September 2018. François Badin is currently the interim Director of Human Resources until Stephanie Krenn takes her function when the board hires a new Secretary General. Two (2) principals, Eric Ruggi and Lisa Verrall, have been named interim Assistant Directors of HR.


At the provincial level, I continue to sit as Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee and of the Board of Directors of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT). In addition to provincial negotiations, the new CAQ government is keeping us on our toes with various initiatives which are popping up left and right such as the Pre-Kindergarten groups, the periods of 20-minute recess as well as the proposed ban on wearing religious symbols (Bill 21). QPAT continues exercise its influence to ensure the government knows how their decisions impact educators in Quebec.


There were also many changes at QPAT this year. Sébastien Joly was hired as our Executive Director as of January 2019; Heidi Yetman was acclaimed as President effective March 2019; Anne-Marie Rheubottom joined the QPAT staff in July 2018. I certainly appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the QPAT staff and the support staff for their continued support to the locals and their hard work and dedication to all the teachers in the anglophone sector in Quebec.


I also had the pleasure of joining the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) delegation at the Annual General Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta last summer. This summer, I will also be attending the Women’s Symposium in Vancouver in June and will also attend the Education International World Congress in Bangkok in July.


At the local level, I continue to stay informed and influence policy by sitting on various standing committees such as Board Parity, Labour Relations (LRC), Health and Safety, Educational Policies (EPC), etc.. I also attend the meetings of the Council of Commissioners as well as any other meetings where I can gather pertinent information to bring back to the teachers.


Some of the my highlights of the year include:


  • Welcoming and training our new administrative assistant, Loretta Gifuni
  • Launching your new LTU website
  • Meeting with delegates and teachers in their schools
  • Responding to numerous consultations on various policies: Commitment to Success, Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs, Harassment, Safe & Caring Schools School Fees Charged to Parents. The Secondary Program of Studies and the 240 School are currently being discussed at the Educational Policies Committee.
  • Consulting the membership about upcoming provincial negotiations and various board policies
  • Preparing for our upcoming Delegate Conference in Fall 2019
  • Attending provincial and national meetings and workshops


I would like to thank the members of the LTU Executive and Board of Directors. You are the decision-makers of this union organization and our discussions and exchanges are what keeps this union moving in the right direction. A big THANK YOU to our outgoing Directors, Laura McTavish, Sonya David and Mark Sanchini, for your participation and for representing your sectors. I would also like to welcome our newly acclaimed Board of Directors members, Mary Antioco and Alexandra Rachita,  as well as our newly elected member, Myriam Lévesque, and look forward to working with each of you in the upcoming school year.


Without the school delegates and committee members, we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do. Your participation, dedication and involvement is necessary and greatly appreciated. We acknowledge all that you do for the teachers in your school and look forward to continuing working with you to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and to get a feeling for what is happening in your schools.


Stephan Ethier and Serge Landry, I am humbled and grateful for your continued support and collaboration. It truly is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful team every day. Loretta Gifuni joined our team as Administrative Assistant this year and has been working tirelessly to ensure that the office runs smoothly while transitioning very well into her new role. I look forward to seeing what the coming years have in store for us at the LTU office.


Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I wish to recognize the members who get involved, stay informed, show up at meetings, participate the consultation process, respond to our surveys, and who work to help us ensure that your rights are respected. The Laurier Teachers’ Union is more than the four (4) of us in the office who manage the day-to-day.  We are only as strong as our membership – YOU ARE THE UNION!!



Have a fabulous and restful summer!!!



Stephanie McLellan

May 17, 2019



Two candidates, Mark Sanchini and Myriam Levèsque, were nominated for the position of Sector Director of Laval Senior. Myriam Levésque has been elected to the Board of Directors for the 2019-22 term. Thank you to Mark for his years of service and welcome to Myriam.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on May 22nd beginning at 5 PM in the library of Laval Junior Academy. We are hoping to see you in great numbers next week.




No new consultations at this time.



Provincial Negotiations

The second phase of consultation with teachers on sectorial negotiations has ended. Thank you to the 365 LTU members who took the time to fill out the electronic survey.  A big THANK YOU to all the delegates and sector directors who helped inform the teachers in your schools. The results and comments have been transmitted to QPAT. A total of 3268 members took part in the consultation province-wide.

The consultation for the inter-sectorial negotiations should be ready early next school year.


QPAT has been working tirelessly to express teachers’ concerns regarding the proposed bill banning the wearing of religious symbols in public institutions.

Link to QPAT’s Brief on Bill 21:


Link to  President Heidi Yetman’s presentation at the Parliamentary Commission on Bill 21, National Assembly (May 9, 2019):


Removal of public educational institutions from the application of Bill 21, An act respecting the laicity of the State

The deadline to sign the petition is June 7th, 2019. Please sign and share if you are in agreement.
Episode 1: Violence in Schools with Nancy Champagne
Episode 2: Women in Leadership Roles with Heidi Yetman



April 10, 2019



We are very pleased to announce the following acclamations for a three-year term (2019-22):

Stephan Ethier as Director of Membership Welfare

Dan Strina as Director for Lanaudière & Rive Nord Elementary

Alexandra Rachita as Director of Adult & Vocational Centres

We would like to thank all the candidates and outgoing Directors for their dedication to the LTU membership!


Two candidates, Mark Sanchini and Myriam Levèsque, were nominated for the position of Sector Director of Laval Senior. As a result, an election will be held at LSA on April 17th. The delegate should inform the teachers as to the time and place of the vote. Only Phoenix and the LSA teachers will vote for their representative.


We are available for school visits. Please let your delegate know should you wish for us to stop by your school. Your delegate just has to contact Loretta by email or call the office to schedule a school visit from the LTU office.


A regular meeting of the delegates will be held on April 17th beginning at 4:30 PM in the library of Laval Junior Academy. All delegates are expected to attend.


The AGM will be held at 5 PM in the library of Laval Junior Academy. All teachers are welcome. YOU ARE THE UNION!



The Policy on School Fees Charged to Parents – Youth Sector was out for consultation from February 28th to April 10th. A response was submitted by LTU.



Convention 2019

Peter Mansbridge has been confirmed as the keynote speaker. The deadline to submit to give a workshop was also extended. Please see the link below for more details.


Provincial Negotiations

The second phase of consultation with teachers on sectorial negotiations has begun. School delegates have received the information and should be holding a meeting in each school. Once the meeting is held, we will send the teachers a link to a Google survey. The survey have to be completed by April 29th.

We would like to thank all the school delegates for their time and cooperation!


January 31st, 2019


New Board of Directors Members

Frank De Luca is the new Chair of the LTU Board of Directors. Welcome back, Frank!

Laura MacTavish stepped down as Director of Laurentians Elementary sector in December. We would like to thank Laura MacTavish for her work on the Board of Directors. Mary Antioco has been acclaimed as the new director for the remainder of the 2018-20 term. Welcome back, Mary!

Reno Vaccaro was recently named to the position of Director for East Laval Elementary. Thank you for stepping up and representing your sector!

School Visits

We are available for school visits. Please let your delegate know should you wish for us to stop by your school. Your delegate just has to contact Loretta by email or call the office to schedule a school visit from the LTU office.



Two policies have just recently gone out for consultation:

Policy on Harassment

Responses are due back by March 4th from the various stakeholders. We have shared the consultation with our Board of Directors for comments and will submit an official response.

Policy on Safe and Caring Schools and Centres

Responses are due back by March 8th. I would like to thank Stephan Ethier for his participation in the sub-committee at the school board.

Please note that all Governing Boards should also be submitting a response and the teachers sitting on GB should be giving input at the meetings.


New Executive Director and President

Sébastien Joly is the new Executive Director effective January 1, 2019.

Heidi Yetman, the former president of PTU, is the newly acclaimed QPAT President.

Petition: Removal of public educational institutions from the application of Bill 21

Convention 2019

Information should be coming soon regarding Convention 2019

Provincial Negotiations

The second phase of consultation with teachers on Sectorial and Inter-Sectorial Negotiations should happen in the spring.

We would like to thank all the school delegates and teachers who participated in the first wave of consultations. About 450 people responded from LTU.  The total results for QPAT were 2646.


November 2nd, 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already in November!!


It has been reported to us by a few teachers and delegates that they have not received replies from us.  Please be aware that some emails sent through the school board email system are not getting through to us and it is very possible that we never received them. If it has been more than a week and we have not replied, please resend it or call the office to see if we have taken note of it. Sorry for any inconvenience this could have caused.



An email was sent by Loretta to all teachers last week with information about the following topics:

  • Get Connected Application
  • Letter to M. Legault regarding Religious Symbols
  • Project Oversees Applications



Qpat Convention is on November 8th and 9th next week.

You can find all the information on the QPAT webpage:


The tickets were sent to each school more than 2 weeks ago so see you school delegate for a ticket. Tickets are strictly reserved for teachers and should not be distributed to other employees, friends or family.



Each school delegate was asked to consult their staff and send the information back to LTU by November 9th. All documents were sent to the individual delegates on October 26th and should have been forwarded to you. We look forward to receiving the tally sheets from each school. Do not miss out on the opportunity to have your say – YOU ARE THE UNION!



Should you wish to have the three of us from the LTU office visit your school, please let your school delegate know. The delegate simply has to contact Loretta to schedule the visit. We have already visited some schools this year and we hope to see as many of you as we can during the course of the 2018-19 school year.

October 1st, 2018

I hope your 2018-19 school year is getting off to a great start!

It is with great excitement that we are able to share your new Laurier Teachers Union website with you! It has been a lot of hard work but we are proud to launch a more user-friendly site with all the information you need to start finding the answers to your very important questions.

This week will be our soft launch. Please look around and do not hesitate to let us know should something not be working right. We have included that as an option in the pull-down menu in the Contact Us section of the page.

We will also be adding a Portal in the upcoming weeks where our Executive Committee, Sector Directors, School Delegates and all other LTU committee members will be able to access information, notices, updates and documentation right from our site. All your LTU information in one place!

We look forward to your comments and feedback regarding your new LTU site and to seeing you over the course of this school year!

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