Updates From The Director of Pedagogical Affairs

2020-2021 School Year

September 2020

New School Year - New Director

Welcome Back

As your new Director of Pedagogical Affairs, I would like inform you that I will be here to support you during this challenging return to work. I have hit the ground running and hope to be able to support you in the following dossiers:


    • Professional Improvement
    • Teacher Training
    • Special Needs
    • Educational Policies
    • Oversize Classes
    • Evaluation & Reporting
    • Teacher Appraisal
    • Adult Education
    • Vocational Training
    • All Other Pedagogical Matters


Please reach out to me by email mmassarelli@ltu.ca or give me a call at the LTU office (450) 667-7037.

I look forward to working with all stakeholders at LTU and SWLSB for a successful and safe school year.

-Melanie Massarelli


2019-2020 School Year

March 16, 2020

March Update

Welcome back from March Break

All PIC conferences outside of the country(that you were approved for) are now cancelled until further notice.  This is as per the Directive from the Board.  A memo will also be coming from the Professional Improvement Committee.  Teachers will not be left out of pocket for these cancellations.

Requests for future PD is also on hold.  The committee will not be approving any conferences/workshops until a new directive is given allowing it to do so.

August 27, 2019

Welcome Back Message

Welcome back to an exciting and new school year.

A few things to remember at the start of the new year.

  • If you wish to be a cooperating teacher, you need to fill out the form recently sent to you by email and follow the process written on the form..  Respect the deadlines indicated.
  • PIC requests are to be done online following the this link:https://www.swlsb.ca/pic . Applications must be done at least  3 weeks prior to the workshop.  If you are signing up for a workshop  through FORTIC and you need PIC funds, you need to apply to PIC directly.  The reimbursement amount is set at 1300$ for this school year.

2018-2019 School Year

May 30, 2019

PIC update and other news

Serge Landry

Director of Pedagogical Affairs

Annual General Meeting Report 2018-2019

I would like to thank all of you who came out today to voice your opinions and learn more of what your dues are doing for you.

I am available to advise members via emails or phone calls regarding the following dossiers:

  • Subject-Time Allocations / School Organization
  • Evaluation / Reporting
  • I.E.P.s / Special Needs Students / Weighted Values
  • Elementary Remedial and HS Supporting Teachers
  • S.L.S.N.C. / AdHoc Meetings
  • Educational Project / Standards and Procedure Documents
  • Multi-Grade Allocations
  • Student Teachers (Teacher training)
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Policies

The Board took their time naming the members for their side of the committees and for that reason they were slow to start. I do not foresee that happening again next year. Once formed the committees did their jobs representing the teachers in the functions mandated.

Over the course of the year I learned a new skill for the upkeep and simple programming needed for our new website.  Issues and recommendations can be e-mailed to me.

I will continue to monitor the School Board’s application of the Education Act, the BSR, and the Provincial/Local Collective Agreements in relation to Pedagogical Affairs.

Highlights of the last 6 months…

  • The Professional Improvement Committee worked and agreed to add a section of the northeastern part of the United States to be included in the possible yearly destinations.
  • Continued to raise concerns regarding the end-of-year examinations, the marking centers, and the lack of release time for correcting. Pushed for the BSR to be respected regarding mandated exams.
  • The Parity members continued to work together to distribute the available resources for students with special needs (resource teacher, attendant, and special ed. tech allocations).
  • The Educational Policy Committee has worked on the Secondary Program of Studies and the new 240 school is being discussed.

I am responsible for the following committees

A big thank you to the wonderful teachers that participate in the committees!

Educational Policies Committee: Karen Ferri, Brian Benoit,

Professional Improvement Committee: Maria Alfieri, Gabriel Lanno, Rhonda Steiner, Cassandra Dubois

Teacher Training Committee: Sheryl Cree, Kelly Krowdis and Lise Valentin

Special Education Advisory Committee: Brian Benoit, James Gore

Parity Committee: Diana Antonacci, Frank De Luca, Brian Benoit

Alternate – Hugh Cooke

A special thank you to the school delegates and sector directors!

I would also like to thank the people at the office!

Loretta Gifuni(Our new voice in the office), Stephan Ethier, and Stephanie McLellan (The Boss)

Have a great summer and see you next year.

Serge Landry

March 29, 2019

PIC update and other news

PIC: A new region has been added to the yearly sector of Canada.  This region extends west to Chicago and arcs down towards the eastern seaboard reaching past New Jersey.  When applying for PIC please read the agreement and call if you have any questions.

Important: Teachers are reminded that applications must be made 3 weeks prior to a workshop.  It is also important to apply when you are registering to board workshops.  Releases for these are paid through PIC.

QPAT will be launching a their survey on special needs on April 15 for the youth sector.  Please take the time to fill it in.

November 20, 2018

Cooperating Teacher Workshop

Cooperating teachers who had a student teacher during the 2017-2018 school year, your allocations will be paid on the final pay in December.  All forms must have been filled out to receive your compensation.

High School January exams:  Some students may be writing supplemental exams in the month of January.  The exams are administered from January 11th to the 18th.

I.E.P.  monies have been distributed to the schools.  I will be sending the amount received by the school to the delegate and the Chair of TC, in the following week.

October 10, 2018

Cooperating Teacher Workshop

  • For all teachers who would like to have a student teacher in the next few years, sign up for the Megan Webster PD for cooperating teachers.  This workshop gives a great overview of the work that is done to train our future teachers.

September 28, 2018

Welcome Back

Things to remember:

  • Apply online for PIC at least 3 three weeks prior to the workshop
  • If you wish to have a student teacher, fill out the request form and follow the instructions on the form.https://www.ltu.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/application-english-2018.doc.pdf
  • Coming soon to all school delegates and TC chairs, the measures for your schools
  • Sign up for the Megan Webster PD for cooperating teachers.

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