Pedagogical News Vol 10 Edition 2


The teacher training committee has met and have agreed on this year’s allocations.

If you have a student teacher this year (2015-16) you will be payed on the last December pay of 2016 (the payment is always the following school year).


Allocation Distribution 2015-16:

Stage 1: $150.00

Stage 2: $400.00

Stage 3: $600.00

Stage 4: $700.00


Note: If you accept a student teacher from McGill’s M.A.T.L. Masters program, your compensation for a year 1 and 2 stage will be equivalent to the stage 3 and 4 of the bachelor’s degree.


In order to receive your payment on time, please ensure that you have duly completed:

-The Cooperating Teacher Form (Before receiving a student teacher) AND

-The Student Verification Form (After the stage is completed by the student teacher)


They must be submitted to your principal for a signature and forwarded the school board (Despina Mardas at ESD).


These forms were emailed to you by Despina Mardas, ESD secretary responsible for this dossier.  If you do not have them, a copy can be printed from LTU’s website or from the Edmodo Teacher Training Folder.


Please keep in mind some of the criteria for the selection of cooperating teachers: 

-Legal qualification in the subject area;

-A minimum of five (5) years’ teaching experience;

-Only tenured teachers are eligible to participate and this on a voluntary basis.


In addition to the teachers receiving this amount, you also have access to a separate allocation through the school.

Stage 1 Intern: No additional allocation

Stage 2 Intern: $40 allocation. It may be used in full towards a gift, end-of-stage lunch, or any teacher purchased materials (reimbursement with receipts)

Stage 3 and 4 Intern: $100 allocation. $40 max to be used towards a gift or end-of-stage lunch (reimbursement with receipts), and the remainder ($60) to cover for photocopies & lamination costs, school materials/supplies, or teacher purchased materials/supplies (reimbursement with receipts).


Please advise the school principal before using this allocation.  The school will reimburse you once you submit the receipts.




It was reported at our first EPC meeting of the year that the mentoring programme is now being led by Marc-Albert Paquette, ESD Consultant.

The mentoring programme continues to be voluntary.  If you wish to be a mentor to a new teacher (to your school, our school board, subject or grade level), you must contact him for further information.  There is release time available for mentor-mentee pairs to meet and work together.


Mentors receive a $200 stipend or a day’s release as compensation per mentee they work with.

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