Bulletin Vol. 21, No 1 September 2018

Vol. 20, No www.ltu.ca   May 2018


For the 2018 round of voluntary transfer and reassignment, the Board and the Union have agreed to pilot the new process that will be part of our next local agreement once it has been ratified. The process will go as follows:



5-21.27 Following the application of clauses 5-21.22, 5-21.23, and 5-21.24, the board shall post on its website    

         the list of needs that remain to be filled for the following school year.

  1. a) During a first round of voluntary transfers, the board shall invite applications for reassignment to another category within the school or at another school depending on their qualifications.


If there is only one application, the request is granted so long as the teacher meets the requirements of clause 5-21.11.  When there is more than one candidate, the principal shall select a candidate following a round of interviews and make a recommendation to the Human Resources Department which shall approve the reassignment.  Teachers within the school who apply shall be given priority over applicants from other schools.


  1. a) when there is only one applicant for a post, the voluntary transfer shall be granted.


  1. b) when there are two or more applicants for a post, the principal will interview each applicant and make a recommendation to the board on that basis.


  1. c) the board, taking into consideration the recommendation in (b) above, grants the transfer.


  1. d) the board shall notify in writing each applicant whether the request for voluntary transfer has been granted or not. The union shall receive a copy of this notification.


A second round of voluntary transfers shall be organized in accordance with the following parameters:

  • The meeting will take place on June 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the School Board.
  • Teachers shall register for the meeting before June 5th.
  • The board shall proceed by seniority and the teacher with the most seniority shall obtain the position so long as he or she meets the requirements of clause 5-21.05.
  • The position left vacant by the teacher who obtained the transfer is placed at the bottom of the list and is eventually offered during the same meeting.
  • The participation of a teacher in the process shall cease as soon as he or she has obtained a transfer.
  • A teacher may renounce their right to choose a position and wait for the second list offered during the same meeting.
  • The meeting shall go on as long as teachers exercise their right to claim a transfer.


Voluntary Mobility and Exchange of Positions

This year, the board and the Union have also agreed to pilot the new process for the Voluntary Mobility and Exchange of Positions process.  Some modifications have been made to the former process that will allow teachers who are qualified as per 5-21.05 to transfer into a different category.  This process was not permitted in the past as the exchange had to be within the same category. Clause 5-21.29 is negotiated at the local level and the new process will apply as follows:


Should two full-time teachers in the employ of the board wish to exchange their respective positions, they shall submit a joint written request to this effect to the Human Resources Department no later than June first of the current school year.


The following conditions shall apply:

  • The exchange must be in the same category or in another category as long as the criteria outlined in 5-21.05 are respected.;
  • The exchange is subject to the approval of both school principals concerned;
  • The response shall be given no later than June 15th of the current school year.
  • The exchange shall take effect the following school year.


Once the exchange has been approved by the Human Resources Department, the mobility agreement found in Appendix IV shall be completed by the parties concerned.


Oversize Class Compensation

Twice every year, a teacher whose class exceeds the maximum prescribed is entitled to a monetary compensation.  The first payment was made on the pay of February 8th, 2018.  For teachers working in the Vocational sector, payments were made on February 22nd, 2018.


Coded students with a 50, 53, or 14 are always weighted even if the teacher or the student receives services in the class.  All other codes are only weighted, if the student or teacher does not receive any services (attendant time, assistive technology, etc.).  The second payment will be made in June. The teachers entitled to compensation will be asked by the principal to sign a form which is sent to HR to be processed.


If you believe an error was made or you believe you are entitled to compensation and were not asked to sign a form for the first part of the year and did not receive a payment on February 8th or February 22nd for Vocational sector, bring it to the attention of your principal right away.  Your school simply needs to submit a correction to Mr. Badin in HR.


If you are unable to resolve the issue at the school level or are unsure if you should be eligible to receive compensation, please email LTU (slandry@ltu.ca) and include in your email an accurate class list with codes and indicate if the students receive any services or extra help as a result of their coding so we can assist you.  Please advise us as soon as possible.


Recall Meeting

Please be advised recall will be held over two (2) rounds.  The first round will be held on June 29th and the second round will be held on August 22nd.  Be informed that the part-time seniority list will be posted in your schools on June 1st.  All corrections must be brought to F. Badin or C. Phaneuf attention as soon as possible as the recall list will be posted on June 15th.


Substituting and Emergency Substitution at 1/1000 vs Casual Substitution Rate

If a teacher, full-time or part-time, is asked to substitute during a period that is part of their workload, they will be paid at 1/1000 of their salary.  A teacher who is working on a percentage will be paid at a casual sub rate unless they are asked to do emergency substitution during time that is part of their teaching schedule, in which case they will be paid at 1/1000 of their salary.  Emergency substitution should be a last resort.


Annual General Meeting

This is a reminder that our next Annual General Meeting will be held on June 13th.  More info to come.



Stephanie McLellan, President



Stephan Ethier, Director of Membership Welfare



Serge Landry, Director of Pedagogical Affairs



Kathy Morrow, Administrative Assistant



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


450-667-7037 / 1-800-301-1351 / FAX 450-667-9506

email: laurierteachersunion@ltu.ca


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