Evaluation & Reporting

General Education in the Youth Sector

Preschool, Elementary School and Secondary School. 2019-2020 Directives

Standards and Procedures of Evaluation

Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers


QPAT Insurance Website

Industrial Alliance

Benefit coverage when traveling out-of-province/country

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer insurance coverage

Part-Time and Replacement Contract Teachers

Starling Minds

The mental health initiative brought to you by QPAT and your local union

  Health & Safety at Work (CNESST)

QPAT Health & Safety At Work

A collective commitment, A personal responsibility

  Maternity Leave & Parental Rights

QPAT Maternity Leave & Parental Rights

My Parental Rights and the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP)

  New Teachers & Members

LTU New Members’ Handbook
QPAT New Teachers’ Handbook
Salary Scale
Remedial Teacher Pamphlet
Supporting Teacher Guidelines

  Pension Plans & Retirement

QPAT Pension Plans

Basic Pension Information for QPAT Members

  Professional Improvement

School board PIC – Website

Professionl Improvement Committe (PIC)

  Salary Insurance

QPAT Salary Insurance – Website

The rights and obligations of the employer and the employee

 Special Leaves


Local Agreement


Provincial Agreement


Provincial Agreement

 Special Needs


Special needs guide

School Level Special Needs Committee Binder
Weighted value of a special needs student integrated into a regular class


 Staffing Process

Excess Process


Voluntary Transfer Process


Recall Process


Teacher Council and Governing Boards

TC Suggested Timelines


Monthly Sample Agendas


Education Act Items for Consultation

4-7.03 & 4-7.04

Examples of Consultative Duties


Basic Rules Of Order

10 Basic Rules of Order For Teacher Councils

Excerpts from Collective Agreement

Education Act

Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. For Teacher Council

Teacher Council Workshop-Unlock The Power


In School Consultation

Teacher Council


Job of Chairperson

Do’s & Don’ts

Governing Board Pamphlet

QPAT Practical Guide

Governing Board Overview

PowerPoint Presentation – Delegates Conference 2019

 Vocational Training & Adult Education

The Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Education

Vocational Training

Evaluation of Learning In Vocational Education

Vocational Training

Teacher’s Workload and Its Distribution in Vocational Education

Vocational Training

Handbook on Adult Education

Adult Education

Governing Board
Practical Guide (Adult & Vocational)


Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten

Workload Guide


Workload Guide


Workload Guide

Adult Education

Workload Guide


Workload Guide

Vocational Training

Workload Guide

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