Committees at the local and provincial level, act as forums for the exchange of information and discussions on diverse subjects. Teacher representatives are expected to speak for their colleagues by contributing to the exchange of ideas at many different tables. These appointed spokespeople are to collaborate with the LTU Executive and Board of Directors and report back with important information or points discussed at their committee meetings.


LTU participates in many school board parity committees where important topics are addressed and the concerns of our members are considered. These committees include Educational Policies Committee, Parity on Special Needs, Labour Relations Committee and more.


LTU also has 2 internal standing committees where Teachers participate and coordinate with each other to help with the running of your Union. These committees are Nominations and Budget and Finance.


Finally, LTU appoints Teachers to participate in the QPAT committees allowing for our voices to be heard in a provincial setting. These committees include New Teachers, Membership Plans, Human Rights and Social Justice and many more.

Take a moment to read about the committees LTU is involved in and reach out to the Director of Pedagogical Affairs should you have any questions, they will be happy to respond to your inquiries.

LTU Committees

Click on the committee titles for more information.

Educational Policies Committee

Brian BenoitLTU
Sandra CollettiRosemere HS
Gabriel LannoSt-Vincent ES
Melanie MassarelliLTU
Alt: Anna Maria BondiSt-Vincent ES

Teacher Training

Brian BenoitLTU
Isabelle LortieMcCaig ES
Dan StrinaMcCaig HS

Labour Relations Committee

Brian BenoitLTU
Stephan EthierLTU
Melanie MassarelliLTU
Hugh CookeLaurentian ES

Finance and Budget Committee

Sheryl CreeLTU Treasurer
Maria LypoudisLaval Junior Academy
Serge LandryLake of Two Mountains HS
Alt: Myriam LévesqueLaval Senior Academy

Professional Improvement Committee

Brian BenoitLTU
Anna Maria BondiSt-Vincent ES
Kelly CrowdisPinewood ES
Sabrina Di IorioTwin Oaks ES
Alt: Kelly FaheyMorin Heights ES

Special Education Advisory Committee

Brian BenoitLTU
Melissa ParenteCrestview ES
Alt: Derek CavaliereTwin Oaks ES

Nominations Committee

Kimberly StanbraSainte-Agathe Academy
Lise ValentimFranklin Hill ES
Maria LypoudisLJA

Parity Committee

Brian BenoitLTU
Melanie MassarelliLTU
Stephan EthierLTU
Sheryl CreeLTU Treasurer
Myriam LévesqueLTU Chairperson
Derek CavalièreTwin Oaks ES
Alt: Melissa ParenteCrestview ES

QPAT Committees

LTU members who represent you on provincial committees

Board of Directors

Stephan EthierVoting Member
Melanie MassarelliVoting Member
Brian BenoitVoting Member

Other Committees

Gabriel LannoConvention
Brian BenoitHuman Rights and Social Justice
Alt: Lise ValentimHuman Rights and Social Justice
Jessica MersiadisVocational Training
Alt: Cecile PadadacVocational Training
Pheleshia HudsonAdult Education
Kim StanbraNew Teachers
Stephan EthierMembership Plans
Dan StrinaNominations
Sheryl CreeFinance and Budget
Stephan EthierHealth and Safety
Brian BenoitSpecial Needs
Melissa ParenteSpecial Needs

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