Bulletin Vol. 9, No 2 Oct, 2014

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Report Cards


November 20, March 15, and July 10 are the latest dates that the report cards can be issued for each term, but distribution may be earlier.

In order to inform parents of the student’s learning and behaviour, the school provides one written communication, other than a report card, to the parents no later than October 15th.

It is still possible to report on just one of the four cross-curricular competencies in either term one or term three.


Marks and Comments


Please enter your marks according to the evaluations that you have corrected throughout the term. Once entered into GPI, print a copy for your records! In the past, some principals have approached teachers requesting that marks be changed (increased) due to low class/subject averages or parental complaints. In order to preserve the professional integrity of teaching, the L.T.U. believes that being asked to change marks is unacceptable and that principals should be told no. Although principals do have the right to question you regarding your student evaluations/grades when they have valid concerns, teachers are professionals who are expected to be able to justify their marks…If the principal decides to go into GPI to change the marks, please let us know.

As for report card comments, please be reminded that comments have always been optional. It is your choice to write a personalized comment or to select from the bank provided to you in GPI. It is not obligatory to comment for any subjects (core or not!).

Resource Teacher’s Role

At the Elementary Level: Please refer to the Resource Teacher Pamphlet

I created last year (uploaded to our website-Pedagogical Affairs section or on Edmodo)

At the Secondary Level: Please refer to the Provincial Text for the Supporting Teacher’s duties and responsibilities Clause 8-11.00



Some schools have opted to D.R.A. all of their student population once or twice yearly for M.E.S.A. purposes.  If this is the case, please ensure that it does not become another added responsibility imposed on your resource teacher.  The homeroom teacher is responsible for the evaluation of their students. It is acceptable to request that the resource teacher D.R.A. their students (the ones that regularly are entrusted to him/her), but not the entire class or school.  In addition, a school staff or Teacher Council cannot decide to use the resource teacher as a substitute while the homeroom teacher D.R.A.s his/her students. This would be taking away from the valuable service that our students with special needs are entitled to.

Mandatory MELS Exams

The only mandatory MELS exams, other than secondary IV and V, are the grade six English Language Arts and Mathematics exams.

Board Mandated Exams

I have sat down with both the director and assistant director of E.S.D. to discuss the findings of the elementary mandated exams survey completed last June. I highlighted the concerns most teachers had commented on and suggested a few ways of improving the situation. The E.S.D. has already started brainstorming with their consultants and are preparing regarding this year’s mandated exams. Hopefully our comments will sensitize the school board to the teachers’ reality!


At the beginning of the school year, schools should be planning to revise all of the I.E.P.s  Please remember to use the I.E.P. release money to meet as a team because this budget will not be carried over to next year.   Although there are different practices happening in our schools, I must stress that I.E.P.s should be reviewed as a team! It should not be up to one individual (usually the resource person or homeroom teacher) to be released in order to complete the goals and strategies.

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