Bulletin Vol. 8 Ed. 2 Jan, 2014



Keep up-to-date with developments.  Material is updated regularly on your union info board at school.  Questions may also be directed to your union delegate, your sector director, the website info pages, and to the union office.





The teacher training allocations have remained the same for this school year. Please ensure that you have duly completed the Cooperating Teacher Form (found on our website) and have submitted it to the school board before accepting a student teacher.


Allocation Distribution 2013-2014:

Stage 1: $150.00

Stage 2: $400.00

Stage 3: $600.00

Stage 4: $700.00


Note: If you accept a student teacher from McGill’s M.A.T.L. Masters program, your compensation for a year 1 and 2 stage will be equivalent to the stage 3 and 4 of the bachelor’s degree.


In addition to the teachers receiving this amount, you also have access to a separate allocation through the school. The Teacher Training Committee members have agreed to some changes, so here is how to proceed:

Stage 1 Intern: No additional allocation

Stage 2 Intern: $40 allocation. It may be used in full towards a gift, end-of-stage lunch, or any teacher purchased materials (reimbursement with receipts)

Stage 3 and 4 Intern: $100 allocation. $40 max to be used towards a gift or end-of-stage lunch (reimbursement with receipts), and the remainder ($60) to cover for photocopies & lamination costs, school materials/supplies, or teacher purchased materials/supplies (reimbursement with receipts).


Please advise the school principal before using this allocation. The school will reimburse you once you submit the receipts.



C.S.D. held a resource teacher networking session last December 6th at the Lorraine Community Center. This C.S.D. initiative brought the elementary resource teachers together in the A.M. and offered a separate session to the high school teachers in the p.m. The morning session gave teachers the opportunity to share best practices as well as network. The afternoon session did not proceed in the same manner; we are looking into making all sessions beneficial to all.




I would like to remind everyone that the School Board consultants are a service to teachers. Consultants may suggest and encourage you to use certain strategies or set certain goals for some of your students, but ultimately you are the professional and the decision is yours.  




The SLSNC workshop that was postponed by the school board, has been rescheduled for January 21st, 2014. Every chairperson and school principal is invited to attend this afternoon session offered at C.S.D. by the director in collaboration with the L.T.U.




Please note that the professional improvement committee has tweaked the Policy once again, so refer to our website for the updated version.




As already mentioned in an L.T.U. email to all staff, we have reached our budgeted allocation for the School Initiative Allocation. Thank you for all of the submissions! Unfortunately, if your school did not have the chance to apply this year, please try next year. This allocation is allotted on a first-come basis.




The next Mentoring Session will be on February 10th, 2014. This will be open to mentors and their protégés.




This is when technical assistance is provided to a student in order to facilitate or carry out a task that he or she would otherwise be unable to do or would have difficulty doing. If you plan on requesting that your grade six special needs students use assistive technology for their MELS exams, please make sure it is noted in their I.E.P. and that they are comfortable with the equipment/programs. If you require help with the training in assistive technology, our school board has consultants at C.S.D. that can support you.



The MESA is a legal document! You must be very careful in choosing the words. When establishing your MESA objectives, be realistic. Although there are no direct consequences to schools if their objectives are not met, the MELS does monitor the information that our School Board submits. Please note that if you choose to not participate in the development of the MESA document, your principal will create it and you will be bound to follow its contents.

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