Bulletin Vol. 16, No 3 March 2015


  • Release of Staff Assistant in Absence of Principal


Since there is a lack of a clear role or any procedures, the board will decide on a case by case basis since this is a budgetary issue.  In relation to the duration of an absence, for 1 day, the board deems that no replacement is necessary. It is important to know who is in charge of handling difficult situations that arise.  The board tries not to have both the principal and vice-principal absent at the same time. It is more difficult in small schools, as a replacement comes from the school’s budget. In the event that something would occur as a result of the absence of an administrator, the board is always liable.



  • Role of Staff Assistant in Absence of Principal


There is a limited definition in the Collective Agreement of the role of a staff assistant.  Should staff assistants always replace an absent principal with release time? What is a reasonable time frame to name a replacement?  Discussion will take place at the board level to clarify this issue and to determine what responsibilities fall under the responsibility of a staff assistant in the event that nobody is available at the school to deal with an emergency situation.



  • Definition of an ECA


Traditionally the component of an ECA is non-academic.  It is the Teacher Council that recommends ECAs to the principal for approval, but if the activity does not fit the definition of an ECA, the principal has the final decision and should not approve the activity. As administrators, they are ultimately responsible of making sure the ECA monies are used for the intended purposes.



  • Changes to Deductions for Sick and Social Days


It was confirmed that minute deductions will apply only to sick days and clause 5-14.06.  Social leave days will be deducted by the day, with the exception of ‘Act of God’ which can be either full or half day for specific reasons as stated in the clause. An absence report is a declaration from a teacher and should reflect reality; if a teacher signs the form, they are agreeing to the content and the teacher is responsible for verifying if the information is accurate before signing.



  • Professionalism in the Workplace


LTU has serious concerns that teachers’ professional opinions are being systemically disregarded and recommendations for the placement of Grade 6 students were ‘whited out’ and sent home with the teacher’s signature.  It has been reported to LTU that certain principals are openly blaming LTU regarding various issues. Please do not hesitate to report to LTU, your sector director or the school delegate anything that is not in line with information you have received from LTU, the Collective Agreement or the Education Act with respect to your professional opinion or autonomy.  It is better to call and get information or to report irregularities rather than compromise your professional integrity.



  • Absence Forms for In-School Workshops


For accounting purposes, all employees must fill out an absence form to track professional improvement for budget reasons.  Law 90 requires that 1% of the total salary mass must be spent on professional improvement (work skills and development fund).  If not, the board must reimburse the difference to the government. No deductions of any kind will be made.



  • Teachers Transporting Students


The board does not assume responsibility if something occurs.  There should be no carpooling at all with students; it is not supported by the board.  Clearer guidelines will be developed and certain schools will be addressed on a case by case basis.



  • Leave of Absence Forms 2015-16


The form to request a leave of absence without pay for next year has been uploaded to the SWL Portal and the LTU website. This year, the forms are to be sent to jallard@swlauriersb.qc.ca by email only. This is a better system because you will have a copy of the email in your sent items with a date and time stamp. The deadline to submit is March 31st.



  • New Email System


There are many difficulties with this new system being reported to LTU.  Teachers are sending emails to the board and are not getting responses. We have expressed concerns on behalf of the teachers. Please report any unresolved issues to LTU, your sector director or to your school delegate.


Sébastien Joly: President


Stephanie McLellan: Director of Membership Welfare


Pasquale Machado: Director of Pedagogical Affairs


Kathy Morrow: Administrative Assistant


Leonor Paixao: Secretary


450-667-7037 / 1-800-301-1351 / FAX 450-667-9506

email: laurierteachersunion@ltu.ca

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