Kathy has News !


      June 15, 2017
Thank you to those teachers who took the time and trouble to attend our AGM held last evening.  The results of the vote were sent to you in an email on your board account.  The recall meetings will be held as follows:  1 on June 29th and the 2nd one during the week of August 21-25.

Please note that the LTU offices is now on summer hours.  For the period June 5th to 16th, we will close at 4 pm.  For the period June 19th to July 5th, we will close at 3 pm.

LTU would like to welcome everyone back from a well-deserved summer break!  2016-17 is going to be a busy year.  There have been many changes at the local and provincial levels.  Sébastien Joly is the new president of QPAT and at LTU Stephan Ethier is the new Director of Membership Welfare as I begin my journey as your President.  As well, we have a new Director General at the school board.  We look forward to continuing to work with the employer to ensure the best quality of education for the students and working conditions for the teachers on the front lines of education.

This year we tackle another round of local negotiations with the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.  We have struck a consultation committee which will meet in the Fall to determine the focus and structure of this process.  We are counting on input from the membership at large to ensure a successful and efficient negotiation – you are the union!

Our office remains committed to offering support and guidance to our members.  Although we spend a great amount of time in meetings representing you in litigation and on various committees, the bulk of our work consists of communicating with teachers via email, phone or on school visits.  Never hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, concerns or ideas – better safe than sorry!

This year we would like to work more closely with each school’s Teacher Council and with our delegates to ensure that teachers have their say when and where it counts most.  A healthy TC is the key to a successful and fruitful working relationship with administration and the school community.  Wherever there is a problem, a solution is just waiting to be found and it is through consultation and discussion that we can achieve it!

The teaching profession has taken many hits in the past decade: more needs, less funding; higher class sizes, less support; less respect, more expectations!  And yet, we still fight on the front lines every day for little recognition and not enough pay to ensure that our kids have a bright future and access to limitless opportunities.  Let’s remember our value in society and strive to keep the ship afloat despite all the challenges that may continue to come our way.

Have a fabulous year!

Stephanie McLellan, President