Kathy has News !

October 3, 2017
LTU is pleased to welcome Angelo Virone as its newest Board of Director member.  Angelo is now Director for Greater Laval Secondary 2 (i.e., Laval Junior Academy) and we therefore have a full contingent on our Board.
Thank you one and all for your time and patience with the Local Negotiations consultation document.  Local negotiations begin in earnest with the school board as of October 19th.

Welcome back! 

As usual, there is a lot happening in the schools and at the board. Stephan Ethier, Director of Membership Welfare, Serge Landry, Director of Pedagogical Affairs, and myself, remain at your disposal to answer your questions or to help you resolve issues with the employer when it is not possible to resolve them at the school level.

Local Negotiations are ongoing and we have dates scheduled in October and November. We count on all of your participation in the consultation process to determine our demands. We are aiming to finish negotiations by the end of 2017. We will communicate information with you via and/or the school delegates.

We want to ensure that we offer quality formal training sessions for our school delegates. This year we participating in a Delegates' Conference on October 21 and 22nd with the teachers of the MTA. There will be two days of training sessions offered by the MTA, LTU and QPAT staff on various topics as well as a guest speaker, Jean-Noel Grenier. We are very excited about this initiative and are looking forward to welcoming all our members of the Board of Directors and the school delegates.

This year, we will continue to tackle issues such as support in the classroom for special needs, oversize classes, violence against teachers, professional autonomy, safety and security in schools as well as whatever else comes our way. You are our eyes and ears in the schools so feel free to ask us or inform us about issues that might arise. 

Our office remains committed to offering support and guidance to our members.  Although we spend a great amount of time in meetings or representing you in litigation and on various committees, the bulk of our work consists of communicating with teachers via email, phone or on school visits.  Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas – better safe than sorry!

Have a fabulous year everyone!!

Stephanie McLellan