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       June 23 2016
School's out!!  Congratulations on another great year everyone.
At the LTU office, we are working until Thursday, July 7th.  We have summer (reduced) hours, but will be here to take your phone calls and emails if you have questions or concerns. 
We hosted a farewell cocktail party for Sebastien Joly last evening and wished him well as he moves on to the Presidency of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers.
Stephanie McLellan takes over as LTU President as of July 1st.

President's Message

Dear LTU members

We here at the LTU office hope that you had a rewarding and restful summer holiday.  We are back at work for a new school year as the very important process of provincial negotiations continues.  To date, very little movement has been achieved at the negotiating table To the contrary, the provincial government is continuing with the same public rhetoric, very adamant about reaching zero deficit without any consideration for students and teachers.  We have started to mobilize and did participate in some lighter actions last spring in a more decentralized way.  As well, we tried to sensitize the parents as to what is at stake in these negotiations! 

This fall, we will be following an action plan adopted by members of QPAT and the FSE, which is the result of a province wide consultation This action plan will be followed by all our colleagues from the other QPAT locals, as well as FSE locals.  You received in June an outline of the actions which should start as of the beginning of the school year.  Your school delegate attended a meeting where he/she was given details about the plan.  Also, we will be convening you to a Special General Meeting before the end of September, the purpose of which will be to vote on a strike mandate for this fall.

Furthermore, as mentioned last spring, QPAT created an Ad Hoc Communications Committee which recommended the hiring of a firm to create a strong and innovative communications plan.  We have worked on plan this during the summer with the professionals so that the plan could be ready as of this week.  It will require the use of social media and we will need the teachers’ contribution and involvement in order for it to be successful.  Another memo will be issued shortly with more detailed information.

We are expecting that this will be a ‘hot’ fall as negotiations will intensify.  Our negotiators will need us, more than ever, to support them in this process and the most efficient way to do so will be to carry out the action plan all together, collectively.  We need to show our employer and the government how united and upset we are with the patronal position in the present round of negotiations.  Attached to this message is the updated action plan.  For those who may not be aware, LTU now has Facebook page.  If you like the page, you will get all of the information pertaining to negotiations, our actions and, more importantly, our communications plan.

Sébastien Joly
Laurier Teachers’ Union